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Ancient Ammonites

The Material Civilization of the Ammonites (JSTOR)
George Landes -- Biblical Archaeologist 1961:24:3:65-86

The ancient Biblical Kingdom of the Ammonites in Palestine was east of the River Jordan and North of Moab. The kingdom flourished from the 13th century BC to the eighth century AD. The Semitic Ammonites took their name from their presumed ancestor -- Ben Ammi -- son of Lot and citizen of the biblical city of Sodom (Genesis 19:29-38). They warred frequently with the Hebrews and the Ammonite King Nahash -- who had a reputation for cruelty -- was defeated by the first Hebrew King Saul. His successor David (reigned circa 1010 to 972 BC) succeeded in capturing their capital Rabbath Ammon (Amman). The war -- among other things -- was over control of north-south trade routes east of the Jordan River. The Ammonites regained independence after Solomon succeeded David as King of the Hebrews in 972 BC. Ammon was absorbed by the Arabs in the eighth century AD. Excavations in Jordan have revealed a highly developed civilization. One of their chief gods was Milcom ... (AHSFC)

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