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Chapter 4: Neolithic 2 Sheikh Ali (Page 233)

Pre-History and Archaeology Glossary

Excerpts and Definitions and Addendums:

Sheikh Ali is a low mound which lies a little to the south of the Sea of Galilee near the right bank of the Jordan at the point where Wadi Yavneel joins the river. Evidence of Neolithic occupation was found scattered over a wide area of terrace on which the site stands. The site itself had between 2 and 3 metres of occupation deposit which was divided into four levels, strata I and II with Late Neolithic remains and III and IV from the aceramic Neolithic (See Page 96 in *1 Below). The building remains in strata III and IV consisted of fragments of stone walls and pebble paving with traces of plaster floors. A head-less burial was also found.

The flint tools were made on blades struck off pyramidal and double-ended cores. They included long finely-denticulated sickle-blades and tanged arrowheads of both notched and winged varieties (See Page 105 and figure 45 ibid). Some of the arrowheads were retouched by pressure-flaking.

Although the remains from these levels were so scanty there seems little doubt on the evidence of the flints that the site was inhabited in Neolithic 2 .....

*1 From Hunter to Farmer and Trader
M. Prausnitz (1970) GN 799 T6 P713 

The History of the Ancient Near East Electronic Compendium