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Chapter 5: Neolithic 3 Tell Shamsine (Page 346)

Pre-History and Archaeology Glossary

Excerpts and Definitions and Addendums:

Tell Shamsine is situated a little south of Tell Nebaa Faour on the spring line at the foot of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains like the other Bekaa Valley sites I have discussed. It is near the Anjar spring and a stream from the mountains flows beside the site (See Page 84 in *1 Below). The tell was occupied in the Neolithic - during the Bronze Age and in later periods also.

The Neolithic material collected on the site was sparse but characteristic. It included tanged pressure-flaked arrowheads of Byblos type - coarsely denticulated sickle blades and a few larger limestone tools. A few pieces of obsidian were also found there. The sherds were brown or grey in colour and burnished. Fragments of quite large vessels made of a coarse ware were also collected. The affinities of the diagnostic flint tools and sherds are with the Bekaa sites I have discussed and Neolithique Ancien Byblos indicating that the site was occupied in Neolithic 3 .....

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