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Chapter 5: Neolithic 3 Kabri (Page 356)

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Kabri is on the western edge of the Galilee hills near the coast. Following the discovery of fine obsidian and stone objects on the site an excavatian was undertaken here in 1958. These objects came from a Chalcolithic settlement near the surface but below that there were Neolithic deposits. The earliest settlement of layer III had circular paved areas ringed with uprignt stones perhaps the remains of huts. Some contracted burials were found under these paved areas accompanied by a pot and flint axes, arrowheads and knives.

We know very little about the pottery from the site but some information about the flints has been published. There were leaf-shaped and also tanged and pressure-flaked arrowheads in the deposit together with segmented coarsely denticulated sickle blades. Both trapezoidal and rectangular axes were found some of which were partly polished. One of the rectangular axes had split in use. Some small greenstone axes were also found in this deposit but little else.

The affinities of this material are with Neolithique Ancient Byblos further up the coast and the Neolithic 3 sites in the upper Jordan Valley and the Bekaa. Kabri was thus first occupied in Neolithic 3 although the site was also used in later stages ...

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