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Ancient Tell Abu Kharaz

(Mound of the Father of Beads)

Swedish Archaeology

Abu Kharaz is located in the Jordan Valley north of the perennial stream of Wadi Yabis and approximately 4 kilometers east of the Jordan River. Stray finds from the earliest occupation date back to the 5th millennium (Chalcolithic Period) but the earliest settlement with architectural remains were found from three periods: the Early and Late Bronze Ages and the Iron Age all corresponding to approximately 3200 - 550 BC.

Tell Abu Kharaz flourished in antiquity mainly because of its strategic location and an obviously rich surrounding natural environment: woodlands to the east and the Wadi Yabis to the south and fertile land everywhere in its vicinity. The site occupies a 60 metre high large natural hill with steep slopes that were easy to defend. The site's height and position provided control of both the main road through the Jordan Valley and the road along the Wadi Yabis to the eastern highlands .....

Tell Abu al-Kharaz in the Jordan Valley (PDF)

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