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PreHistoric Abu Salem

Structures at Harifian site of Abu Salem

Selected Excerpt on Abu Salem

Neolithic 1 Abu Salem (Pages 60:113:114:116)

Pre-History and Archaeology Glossary

The oldest dated site in the Negev with early Neolithic affinities is Abu Salem from which three determinations have been obtained of (1) 8020 +/- 150 BC I-5498 (2) 8280 +/- 150 BC I-5499 and (3) 8280 +/- 150 BC I-5500 .....

Abu Salem was occupied in both the EpiPaleolithic Harifian Culture and also the PPNB .....

ABSTRACT: Abu Salem in the Central Negev of [southern] Israel is the type site for the newly recognized Harifian Industry. Abu Salem is a sizable village with substantial architecture dated by C-14 to the last quarter of the 9th millennium BC. The associated lithic industry is not directly related to the Natufian or the Pre-Pottery of Palestine but the inferred adaptive patterns parallel those of the Natufian. Presently known Harifian site distribution indicates that it is restricted to the semi-arid zone of the southern Levant and in spite of having the technological prerequisites the Harifian failed to become truly Neolithic. As such it represents an example of a late Levantine Epi-Paleolithic cultural development outside the core Mediterranean zone ...

Abu Salem: Type Site of the Harifian Industry of the Southern Levant
Anthony Marks and Thomas Scott in Journal of Field Archaeology
Volume 3:1976:43-60 -- LC # CC 1 J69 (JSTOR)

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