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Ancient Abusir


Abu Sir has been called the site of the forgotten kings of the 5th Dynasty. Abusir is about half way between Giza and Saqqara. One can see only 3 pyramids from a distance; those of Sahure -- Niuserre -- Neferirkare. Located here is another large royal cemetery of the Old Kingdom composed of four pyramids belonging to kings of the 5th Dynasty and the surrounding tombs built by royal family and officials. Additionally the kings of the 5th Dynasty constructed Sun Temples on the desert to the northwest of the pyramids. The existence of these Sun Temples as well as of the royal pyramids is the most characteristic feature of this area ...

Fifth Dynasty Necropolis and Sun Temples at Abu Ghurab

The site of Abu Ghurab is actually part of the site of Abusir. It is about 1 kilometre northeast of the Pyramid of Sahure. Remains of only two sun temples have been found; those of Userkaf (circa 2500-2485 BC) and Nyuserre (circa 2455-2425 BC). These solar temples were probably modeled on the much earlier original sun temple at Heliopolis ...

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