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Neolithic Adaïma (Adaima)

University of Nottingham Department of Archaeology

Necropolis Naqada I Pottery (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères) Excavations have been taking place at Adaïma in Upper Egypt on the western bank of the Nile since 1989 revealing an extensive settlement and two associated cemeteries dating to the periods just prior [Naqada III or Late PreDynastic or ProtoDynastic Period] to the emergence of Pharaonic civilization [Early Dynastic Period]. The ancient settlement area appears as a vast expanse of dispersed artefacts: potsherds -- flint flakes -- fragments of grinding stones -- bone debris scattered over the surface ...

The western necropolis where the burials were made in sand is dated from the end of Naqada I (Amratian Culture) to the end of Naqada III. Tombs have been excavated and 20 of them are intact. The most ancient tomb (S55) comprises a multiple burial in which five infants and an adult were buried together in the remains of a hearth situated at the summit of a promontory dominating the valley ...

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