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Ancient Aelia Capitolina (135-323 AD)

Aelia Capitolina was the title that the Romans gave to the quasi-city that they established on the site of Jerusalem after its destruction by Roman Legions under Titus in 70 AD. The name was concocted after the Second Jewish revolt of 132 - 135 AD to honor the emperor Hadrian and the pagan gods of the Roman trinity: Jupiter - Juno - Minerva. A temple to Jupiter was constructed right on the Temple Mount and idols of Roman gods were erected throughout the city in a deliberate and malicious violation of The Ten Commandments

The area of Aelia Capitolina was walled and a varied population of foreign people was brought in while nearly all Jews were forbidden to enter. The existing walls of the Old City today generally maintain the layout of the Roman walls of that time. Jerusalem was called by its Roman name for about 200 years until a version of Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire in the fourth century ...

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