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Ancient Ahwat

El-Ahwat Ahwat (Arabic for walls) was discovered in November 1992 during the survey of the hill country of Manasseh. The large site hitherto unknown is located 18 kilometers east of the Mediterranean coast and is 325 meters above sea level on a high hill overlooking the (1)Samarian Mountains (2)the Mount Carmel range (3)the Mediterranean coast (4)the Nahal Iron historical road ...

Located 8 miles east of Maritima Caesarea -- Ahwat is the site of the northwesternmost Israelite settlement in the region of Manasseh. Previous seasons at the site -- which was occupied between the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age -- revealed a large heavily fortified Iron Age I village with a city wall -- towers -- gate. The site was probably settled by the Shardana Tribe (12th centiry BC Sea Peoples) which originated in Sardinia. Cylinder seals -- Egyptian scarabs -- pottery -- several bronze artifacts were discovered ...

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