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Ancient Ain Ebel

The founders of Ain Ebel chose a strategically located site along the ancient trade route that connected Tyre -- Damascus -- Haifa. The first inhabitants of Ain Ebel were the Aramaeans. According to historians the name of the village derives from the names of two gods: Aon the God of Fertility and Abel the God of Creation. Thus Aon-Abel which by the passing of centuries and the change of languages that the region experienced was corrupted into Ain Ebel.

During antiquity another Canaanite God was worshipped in Ain Ebel named Ashirat or the Mother of all Gods. Today the tradition of worshipping a divine mother figure is still practiced in Ain Ebel where the Virgin Mary is the patron saint of the village and grand festivities are still held in the summer season in Her honor (*) ...

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