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Neolithic Tell Ard Tlaili

Excerpt on Neolithic Tell Ard Tlaili

Chapter 6: Neolithic 4 Tell Ard Tlaili (Pages 433-435)

The site is a small tell which has yielded some Halaf pottery and remains of a rectangular building. Accompanying the Halaf painted wares were many plain burnished and pattern burnished sherds as well as deeply-incised fragments which closely resembled Neolithique Moyen pottery at Byblos. In the upper levels of the site were sherds of red washed vessels more akin to the pottery of Neolithique Recent at Byblos. Three carbon-14 determinations were obtained from samples taken from the lower levels giving dates of (1) 4920 +/- 130 BC K-1432 (2) 4900 +/- 130 BC K-1433 and (3) 4840 +/- 130 BC K-1434. The date from one sample from the upper level at Ard Tlaili was 4710 +/- 130 BC K-1431 ...

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