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Ancient Tell Aswad (Damascus Basin)

Mission Archéologique de Tell Haswad (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères) An Aceramic Neolithic site in the Damascus basin of Syria occupied circa 7800-6600 BC which has produced important evidence on early farming. From the beginning peas -- lentils -- emmer wheat and probably barley were all cultivated. The presence of both cereals and pulses showing morphological characteristics of domestication suggests that these early farmers might already have discovered that if these two types of crops are grown in rotation soil fertility is renewed ... (AHSFC)

Selected Excerpts on Tell Aswad

The Neolithic of the Levant (1978)
(1) Neolithic 1: Pages 127-130
(2) Neolithic 2: Pages 190-192

(3) Aswad et Ghoraife: Sites Neolithiques en Damascene (Syrie) ...
American Journal of Archaeology
July 1998 -- V 102 -- Page 624
Library of Congress # CC1 A6

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