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Ancient Tell Beit Mirsim

PDF Document: The Excavations at Tell Beit Mirsim -- W. F. Albright
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
(1.68 MB) Number 23:1926:2-14 (JSTOR)
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Tell Beit Mirsim -- Photo Gallery -- Dabar.org

A three-hectare tell (mound) in the low hill country southwest of Hebron on the west bank of the Jordan. This fortified settlement has been identified as the biblical town of Kirjath-sepher. Successive occupation layers from the 3rd millennium BC to the Neo-Babylonian destruction in 588 BC (with a gap from the end of the Middle Bronze Age in the later 16th century BC until the second half of the 15th century BC) have helped establish a chronology for the Levant especially through the detailed analysis of pottery. The town seems to have been prosperous. Stone dye vats indicate that one industry practised here was the manufacture of textiles ...

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