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Ancient Bozrah (Greek Bostra) [Modern Busra]

The Megalithic Portal

Ancient capital city of Edom 26 miles SSE of the Dead Sea near Petra. An important Edomite stronghold from 1200 to 600 BC, it was the home of Jobab the second known king of Edom. According to the Old Tedstament its destruction was prophesied by Amos and Isaiah (AHSFC).

Bozrah is thought to be a very ancient town, being mentioned in tablets by Thumose the Third and Akhnaten in the 14th century BC. It was one of the first Nabatean cities in the second century BC and in the Hellenistic period it bore the name Bostra. Then the Romans arrived and the King Trajan made it a capital of the state of the Djezire under the name of Nova Trajana Bostra.

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