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Egyptian Eastern Frontier Canal

Updated August 13th 2019

New Evidence from Egypt on the Location of the Exodus Sea Crossing: Part I --- Written by Gary Byers in ASSOCIATES FOR BIBLICAL RESEARCH (19 August 2008)

For millennia man has desired to impact the Suez Isthmus region but with minimal success. Ancient Egyptian texts and modern geological surveys have identified ancient canal lines cut between the marshy lakes of antiquity, called the Eastern Frontier Canal by their discoverers (Hoffmeier 2005: 42). Long before the Suez Canal, both native and foreign rulers cut canals through the Isthmus for a variety of reasons. Ancient documents mention canal construction by Pharaohs Sesostris I or III (12th Dynasty), Necho II (610595 BC) and the Persian king Darius (522486 BC), as well as Ptolemy II (282246 BC) (Hoffmeier 1997: 165, 169).

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