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Ancient Eshnunna (Tell Asmar)

The ancient name of a city under the mound of Tell Asmar excavated by an American team led by Henri Frankfort in the 1930s. Situated in the Diyala Valley area to the northeast of Sumer proper, Eshnunna was nonetheless to all intents and purposes a Sumerian city. Although it was occupied from the Early Dynastic Period onwards politically it was most important in the period after the fall of the Third Dynasty of Ur in the first two centuries of the 2nd millennium BC when it was the centre of an independent kingdom of some size and importance. Subsequently it was conquered by Hammurabi and absorbed into the growing power of Babylonia after which it rarely appears in the texts and presumably declined in importance (AHSFC).

Tell Asmar and Khafaje: The First Season's Work in Eshnunna 1930/31 by Henri Frankfort PDF
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