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Tell Fakhariyah

Selected Excerpt on Tell Fakhariyah

The Neolithic of the Levant by A.M.T. Moore -- Oxford University (1978)

(1) Neolithic 2 Fakhariyah (Pages 183-184)

The valley of the upper Khabur [River] remains a center of attraction for those concerned with the Hurrian problem. Tell Fakhariyah first came to the attention of the scholarly world when Baron von Oppenheim and his Tell Halaf expedition began to consider it as the potential site of Waššukanni, the capital of Mitanni. The first excavations of the mound were conducted for the Oriental Institute (PDF) by the late McEwan in the spring of 1940. His campaign was interrupted by political vicissitudes but to the present day this brief exploration of the site remains the principal source of information for Tell Fakhariyah (JSTOR) ...

Soundings at Tell Fakhariyah (Oriental Institute Publications) by Calvin McEwan et al (1958)

The History of the Ancient Near East Electronic Compendium