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Fars Province

The Homeland of the Persian Achaemenids

The Province of Fars or the homeland of the Persians is archaeologically one of the richest regions in Iran. Fars has been populated since the Middle Palaeolithic. Although the evidence for the Early post Pleistocene occupation of Fars is meager and the processes of the initial development of agriculture and animal husbandry are not particularly well-known our knowledge about the development of complex societies and the rise of early states there is comparatively superior to a number of other regions in Iran ...

Dating back to antiquity Fars Province has been a significant center of the Persian culture and civilization. During some important Iranian dynasties including the Achaemenids, Fars was the capital of the country. Considering numerous historical monuments Fars is an exponent of the Iranian and Islamic art and history. Some of the greatest Iranian poets and philosophers are from this province. The identity of this province and the whole country is so much merged that Iran was once known as Pars (Persia) ...

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