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Gerzean (Naqadah II Culture) Period [3500-3200 BC]

Selected Excerpts on Gerzean Culture

(1) Ancient Egypt (Quartz Hill School of Theology)

(2) PreDynastic (3500-3100 BC) [Tour Egypt]

Decorated ware with boats with standards from the Gerzean period. These decorated vessels represent the beginning of painting in Egypt

Note: -- Due to conflicting opinions from varying sources the Editor has decided to label Naqada III the Late PreDynastic or Proto-Dynastic Period and assign it a date of circa 3200-3100 instead of including it as part of the Gerzean ...

The Gerzean Period (3500-3200 BC) followed the Amratian tradition. During this period craft activities (pottery -- metallurgy -- stone bowl production) were carried out at an even larger scale than the preceding period. Trade with the Near East intensified as evidenced by Southwest Asian style pottery. Gerzean remains have been found in both Upper and Lower Egypt, suggesting greater integration between the two areas. This period is also marked by greater increase in social and economic inequalities. There's also an increase in warfare with local kings vying for power over adjacent kingdoms ...

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