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Ancient Habuba Kabira (Tell Qannas)

Selected Excerpt on Habuba Kabira

The Uruk Expansion: Cross Cultural Exchange in Early Mesopotamian Civilization
Guillermo Algaze in Current Anthropology Volume 30:5:1989 (571-608)

Short-lived salvage operations have been undertaken at this site of the Assad Dam on the middle Euphrates [German excavations at Habuba Kabira (1971-76)] ... not only the material culture -- pottery, seals, sealings -- but also the individual residential units are indistinguishable from those of southern Mesopotamia and in particular at the site of Uruk, previously our major source for the fourth millennium. The identity of material culture, ideology, accounting practices, use of space and building techniques render inconceivable any interpretation other than that the settlement at Habuba were built and lived in by south Mesopotamians ...

Trade and Power in the Fifth and Fourth Millennia BC: New Evidence from Northern Mesopotamia
Joan Oates in World Archaeology Volume 24:3:403-422

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