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Ancient Hyksos Dynasty

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Selected Excerpt on the Hyksos

Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times
Donald Redford -- Princeton University (1992)

A blast of God smote us; and unexpectedly from the regions of the East invaders of obscure race marched in confidence of victory against our land. By main force they easily overpowered the rulers of the land; they then burned our cities ruthlessly and razed to the ground the temples of the gods and treated all the natives with a cruel hostility -- massacring some and leading into slavery the wives and children of others ..... (Author and Egyptian Priest Manetho)

Egyptian records tell of a great invasion of desperate peoples through the Eastern Delta although in reality
semitic immigrants had been steadily entering the country for some time ...

15th and 16th Dynasties: the Hyksos Circa 1684-1567 BC (An Introduction to the History and Culture of Pharaonic Egypt)

Ruling dynasty of the Second Intermediate Period in ancient Egypt of foreign origin or more specifically Western Asia. The rise of the Hyksos to power was a turning point in the history of the Ancient Near East. They took control over the capital of Memphis in 1674 BC and founded the 15th Dynasty (1674-1567 BC) which ran parallel to the 16th Dynasty -- a dynasty of vassal chiefs under Hyksos control. The conquerors were mainly Semites either from Canaan or from Syria -- the latter having been displaced from their homeland by the influx of the warring Anatolians from Asia Minor. Avaris or Tell (mound) Daba in the northeastern part of the Delta was the capital of the Hyksos ...

Read The Hyksos in Egypt Page by Archibald Sayce in The Biblical World
Volume 21 (May 1903) Pages 347-355

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