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Gebel (Jebel) Silsila (Silsileh) [Mountain of the Chain]

Abstract: Jebel Silsila is about 26 miles south of Edfu. This is the border of the Egyptian Region of Nubia and in ancient times Egyptians believed that the Nile originated here. The ancient Egyptians had quarried fine sandstone from here since at least the New Kingdom. The sandstone rock quarries are located on both banks of the Nile River. Here the river narrows and the hills on the opposite banks come close together.

Gebel el-Silsila (Sisileh): A range of sandstone hills 70 kilometres north of Aswan through which the Nile [River] has cut its course. There are extensive sandstone quarries -- especially on the east bank -- mainly of the New Kingdom onwards. Situated on the west bank are 33 cenotaphs (rock chapels) of the 18th Dynasty and the rock temple of Horemheb. The latter has a facade of four pillars -- a transverse hall and a sanctuary with seven rock-carved cult images. 450 metres to the north lie the unexplored remains of another temple of Horemheb which has a number of granite columns (The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egyptian Architecture).

Gebel Silsileh (Égypte): Photographed by Maison Bonfils Circa 1880 ..... Hager Silsilis: Photographed by Francis Frith (1856-60) ..... Hager Silsilis: Photographed by Francis Frith (1856-60)

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