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The Middle Paleolithic Kebara Cave in Israel

The Epi-Paleolithic (Mesolithic) Kebaran Culture

The Kebaran or Kebarian culture was an archaeological culture in the eastern Mediterranean area (circa 18,000 to 12,500 BP) named after its type site Kebara Cave south of Haifa. The Kebaran were a highly mobile nomadic population composed of hunters and gatherers in the Levant and Sinai areas who used microlithic tools (1).

Selected Excerpts on the Kebaran Culture

The Neolithic of the Levant (Page 34)
A.M.T. Moore -- Oxford University

The Neolithic of the Near East (1975)
James Mellaart (LC # GN 776.33 N4 M44)

(1) Kebaran --- WikiPedia

The History of the Ancient Near East Electronic Compendium