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Ancient Tutub (Khafaje)

Identified as ancient Tutub, Khafajeh is one of a numbcr of Tell sites on the Diyala River in eastern Iraq excavated by an American team in the 1930s. Three separate temples were excavated. The oldest, dedicated to the moon god Sin, had five levels of the Jemdet Nasr period, and five of the Early Dynastic Period. The second temple, named the Oval Temple because it was enclosed by a massive wall which was oval in plan, belonged to the Early Dynastic period also. The third temple, dedicated to Nintu, was also of Early Dynastic date. As well as the Temples the excavators found almost 200 ED graves, mostly beneath the floors of houses; some were simple shaft graves while others had constructed chambers, two being built of baked brick and roofed by corbelling. The pottery vessels which constituted the main grave goods contributed greatly to the classification and subdivision into phases of ED ceramics ..... (AHSFC)

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