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Neolithic Khiam in Israel

Selected Excerpts on Khiam

The Neolithic of the Levant (1978)
A.M.T. Moore [Oxford University]

Chapter 3 NEOLITHIC 1 (Pages 107 - 108)

Chapter 4 NEOLITHIC 2 (Pages 221 - 223)

Material comparable to the chipped stone industry at Jericho in the Proto-Neolithic/PPNA has been found at a fifth site in Palestine at Khiam. This site lay on the west side of the Wadi Khareitun in the Judean desert. In a limestone cliff above the wadi there was a series of shelters now empty but which may have been occupied in prehistory. In front of these a wide terrace sloped steeply down to the wadi floor. This terrace appears to have been a large open air site that was occupied in each cultural stage from the Aurignacian to the Neolithic ...

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