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Kinet Hoyuk (Ancient Issos)

Kinet Hoyuk, eastern Cilicia's largest mound, is located circa 30 kilometers north of Iskenderun in the Turkish Hatay and 500 meters inland from the Mediterranean coast. The site has long been identified by scholars with the classical port of Issos in the plain where Alexander the Great defeated Darius III in 333 B.C. Earlier Kinet may have been the Phoenician harbor Sissu and in Hittite times Zise. The ancient settlement consists of a 3.3 hectare mound 26 meters high with terraces to the east and north. It was originally founded on a promontory overlooking two harbors now filled in by erosion and alluvium: on the north a small natural bay and on the south the estuary of a river. The site can therefore be understood as an ancient harbor ...

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