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Ancient Kassite Dur Kurigalzu (Modern Aqar Quf)

The Kassite Ziggurat at Dur Kurigalzu (14th century BC) with the lower platform restored (The Brittish Museum)

The city was built by the Kassite rulers of Old Babylonia probably in the early 14th century BC. An unusually well preserved ziggurat, whose mud brick core still stands to a height of about 170 feet, it is a prominent feature on the flat plain in the vicinity of Baghdad. The lowest terrace of the ziggurat was restored by the Directorate-General of Antiquities ...

Dur Kurigalzu: A New Capital

Though there is not a lot of information concerning the Kassite Period the information we have indicates that it was not a culturally deprived era. The new capital that was created was called Dur Kurigalzu after King Kurigalzu. The city developed extensive building projects and great artistic achievements. The Kassite rulers had so revered the Babylonian civilization that there are very few traces of anything distinctively Kassite ...

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