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Ancient Megiddo

Revelation 16:16: And he gathered them together into a
place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon .....

From circa 7000 BC through Biblical times Megiddo dominated the most important international road in the Near East. Abounding with architectural monuments; temples - lavish palaces - mighty fortifications and a remarkable water system and yielding unparalleled treasures it is the jewel in the crown of Biblical Archaeology.

Site of epic battles that decided the fate of western Asia it became the Egyptiansí first step to empire in the 15th century BC when Pharaoh Tutmoses III conquered Canaan. Here was the center of Solomonís administration in the north; here too was the staging point for Assyriaís deportation of the people of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Megiddo is the only site in Israel mentioned by every great power in the ancient Near East and appears in the New Testament as Armageddon; location of the millennial battle between the forces of good and evil ...

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