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Al Mina

A site on the coast of Syria near the mouth of the Orontes River. It was at least in part a Greek settlement established from Euboea (the largest island in Greece after Crete) bcfore the end of the 9th century BC and probably called Posideion. It was an entrepot site (an intermediary center of trade and trans-shipment) and excavated buildings were all probably warehouses built to a standard plan. Material of the 13th to 4th centuries BC has been found indicating strong trading links between Greece and the Near East. In 413 BC Ptolemy of Egypt sacked and destroyed Mina and in thc 4th century Seleucus, a few kilometres north, became the new trade centre. The site of Sabouni nearby has yielded large quantities of imported Mycean pottery of the 14th and 13th centuries BC showing that the site had a long antiquity as a centre for trade with the Aegean world ...

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