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Ancient Myra -- Kale -- Demre

The archaeological site of ancient Myra is two kilometres away from modern Kale (Demre) and is one of the most important towns of ancient Lycia. It is located near the mouth of the Andriacus River on the Mediterranean Sea in southwest Turkey. The western scarp of its acropolis, dating from the 5th to the 3rd century BC, was sculptured into a large number of rock-cut sepulchres imitating wooden houses and shrines with pillared facades and reliefs. At the foot of the acropolis are the remains of a magnificent theatre which is one of the largest and finest in Anatolia. Myra was visited by Luke, Paul and Aristarchus (Acts 27:5-6) on the way to Rome in 60 A.D. and in the 4th century A.D. Saint Nicholas was its bishop ...

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