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Nablus (Roman Flavia Neapolis)

The Blatchford Collection
[Colored] Naplouse et le Mont Garizim (Felix Bonfils)

Nablus is a Palestinian city lying between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerzim some thirty miles to the north of Jerusalem. Nablus lies between the older settlements of Shechem to the east and Samaria (Greek Sebaste) to the northwest. Nablus was mentioned in the Tell Amarna letters as well as in the reports of Thutmose III which indicated that the city was built during the Canaanite Period. In this strategic location -- with an abundant water supply and a productive hinterland -- the Roman Titus founded a new town in AD 72 for veteran legionaries to settle. It was named Flavia Neapolis in honour of the Emperor Flavius Vespasian.

The Blatchford Collection
Tombeau du Patriarche Joseph près de Naplouse (Felix Bonfils)

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