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Neolithic Nacharini

Selected Excerpt on Nacharini

The Neolithic of the Levant (1978)
A.M.T. Moore (Oxford University)

Chapter 3: Neolithic 1 Nacharini (Page 117-119)

Chapter 4: Neolithic 2 Nacharini (Page 207)

Few sites with occupation immediately post-dating the Mesolithic have yet been found in the Levant north of Palestine. Only one is known in Lebanon, Nacharini, a cave site in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains north-east of Baalbek. This site lies high on the side of a small valley at an elevation of about 2000 metres. Its position today is remote from any settlement but it lies near one of the tracks across the mountains from Baalbek to Yabrud. The area around the site is snow-covered during the winter rendering the site uninhabitable at this season ....

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