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Pre-Historic Nahal Hemar

Located on a cliff near the Dead Sea just northwest of Mount Sedom in Israel. Excavated in 1983 by Ofer Bar-Yosef of Harvard University and David Alon of the Israel Antiquities Authority, the cave yielded objects for daily use such as rope baskets -- embroidered fabrics -- nets -- wooden arrowheads -- bone and flint utensils; ritual objects including stone masks and decorated human skulls ...

Inside the boulder filled Nahal Hemar cave in a dry region southwest of the Dead Sea were Neolithic cave dwellers some 8000 years ago. Carbon-14 dating indicates that these Neolithic people -- who did not even make pottery -- were using glue thousands of years before the Egyptians ...

Oldest Glue Discovered by Amélie A. Walker --- © 1998 by the Archaeological Institute of America

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