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Tell Nimrin

Tell Nimrin -- Iron II Krater Photos (PDF)
Case Western Reserve University

The Tell Nimrin Project is an archaeological expedition that examines the paleoenvironment of the southern Jordan Valley region of the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Tell Nimrin marks the intersection of N-S and E-W arteries in the Jordan Valley approximately 12 kilometers north of the Dead Sea and eight kilometers from the Jordan River due east of Jericho. The mound stands 12.75 meters high. Today the tell covers approximately 3.1 hectares (7.7 acres) -- the remains of a site that once spanned five hectares (12.5 acres). Over the centuries Tell Nimrin has appeared repeatedly in literature, history and archaeology. Beth-Nimrah (house of abundant waters) is mentioned in the Bible (Numbers 32:26) ...

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