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Ancient Rujm Taba

Rujm Taba is located in the southern part of the Wadi Arabah Valley of Jordan 41.5 kilometres north-east of the Gulf of Aqaba. The archaeological remains straddle the modern Dead Sea Highway. Rujm Taba served as a way station along the Nabataean route that ran northward along the eastern escarpment of the Wadi Arabah from Aila (Aqaba) to the south-east coast of the Dead Sea.

The Rujm Taba Archaeological Project conducted a preliminary survey and reconnaissance of Rujm Taba in August 2001. Three main components of the site have been identified: a Nabataean caravanserai - a Nabataean village and an extensive necropolism containing numerous tombs. The village was likely founded during the mid first century BC well before the construction of the caravanserai about 75 years later. Both the caravanserai and village flourished during the first century AD and experienced a period of major decline in the early second century AD .....

Rujm Taba: A Nabataean Way Station along a Major Caravan Route
in the Eastern Wadi Arabah
by Benjamin Dolinka (Liverpool)

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