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Neolithic Tell Sabi Abyad

Tell Sabi Abyad is located in the upper Balikh valley of northern Syria. The site is the focal point of a research project investigating the socio-economic organization of later Neolithic society in the valley. Apart from a Middle Assyrian settlement eleven prehistoric occupation levels have been distinguished at Sabi Abyad. The prehistoric settlements in the tell (mound) represent the Later Neolithic period and date circa 5700 to 5000 BC.

One of these Neolithic settlements, which was heavily affected by a violent fire, was called the Burnt Village of level 6 (dated circa 5200 BC). The village consisted of rectangular multi-roomed buildings constructed of pisť, which were surrounded by smaller circular structures. Thousands of finds were recovered in situ from the burned structures including ceramic and stone vessels, flint and obsidian implements, ground-stone tools, human and animal figurines, personal ornaments and hundreds of clay sealings, many with stamp-seal impressions ...

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