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Ancient Gezer

Solomonic Gate and Field A at Gezer -- Photo by Ferrell Jenkins 2009
Solomonic Gate and Field A at Gezer

An important Palestinian site north west of Jerusalem. The site was occupied from the Chalcolithic (5th millennium BC) to the Hellenistic period and perhaps as late as Byzantine times. The first fortified town belonged to the Middle Bronze Age (early 2nd millennium BC). Gezer was destroyed early in the 15th century BC perhaps by Thutmes III but there were later important phases of occupation in the Late Bronze Age and in the Philistine Period. In the Solomonic Period the site had a splendid gateway like those at Megiddo and Hazor. Succeeding levels show a decline with destruction attributed to Assyrians and later Babylonians. The city became important again in the Hellenistic period (AHSFC) ...

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