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Ancient Khirbet Kerak (Beth Yerah)

An Early Bronze Age walled town covering circa 22.5 hectares situated west of the River Jordan close to the Sea of Galilee in Palestine. It appears to have been occupied throughout much of the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. The town of the EB III phase of the mid-3rd millennium BC contains a massive public building; probably a religious structure. It comprises eight circular stone structures each containing four radial walls not quite meeting in the centre all enclosed by a massive outer wall rectangular in plan. The site has given its name to a pottery type characterized by a highly burnished finish on a slip with sharply defined zones of red, black and light brown colour; it is sometimes further decorated with fluting. The pottery belongs to the EB III phase and has a wide distribution in Syria and Palestine. It is usually thought to have originated in northeast Anatolia and may have been distributed either by emigration or by trade ..... (AHSFC)

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