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Chapter 6: Neolithic 4 Teluliot Batashi (Page 458)

Pre-History and Archaeology Glossary

Excerpts and Definitions and Addendums:

Teluliot Batashi like Wadi Rabah was first settled in Neolithic 3 but was also inhabited in Neolithic 4 and during the Chalcoithic. Level III was stratified under the Chalcolithic settlement and above level IV which had ben inhabited during Neolithic 3. The material from this level was typical of Neolithic 4.

The pottery from level III closely resembled that from Wadi Rabah. There were the same hole-mouth and bow rim jars - bowls with flared sides - carinated bowls. Many were coloured red - brown - black and burnished; some to a high lustre. There was a similar range of incised decoration comprising wavy lines - combing - stab marks - herringbones - zig-zags. This combination of traits - so similar to Wadi Rabah - links Batashi with other sites in western Palestine ...

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