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Chapter 3: Neolithic 1 Mugharet Wad (Page 106)

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There were indications of transient occupation contemporary with Nahal Oren IV to II nearby at Mugharet Wad. A few arrowheads were found here in layer B1 (See Page 30 in *1), described as Upper Natufian. There is no doubt that the bulk of the material in this layer was derived from a Natufian settlement but the presence of the arrowheads hints at a slightly later phase of occupation as well. Although two of the arrowheads were later Neolithic types at least one was a Khiamian point (See Page 31 and Plate VII ibid) which at Jericho and Nahal Oren was associated with the earliest post-Natufian industry. The picks and axe or adze butt (See Page 32 ibid) were almost certainly post-Natufian also. Many of the other tools in layer B1 would not be out of place in such a context so it would appear probable that there was some transient use of Mugharet Wad by human groups using the same tools as Nahal Oren IV to II and Jericho Proto-Neolithic/PPNA. Evidence was found in layer A of such temporary use of the site in succeeding stages of the Neolithic and later periods also (See Page 29 ibid) .....

*1 The Stone Age of Mount Carmel
D. Garrod and D. Bate [1937]
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