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Egypt, Canaan and Israel in Ancient Times
Donald Redford -- Princeton University (1992)

Winner of the 1993 Best Scholarly Book in Archaeology
Award of the Biblical Archaeological Society

Excerpts and Definitions and Addendums:

Sun, Aug 28 1932 – Page 70 · The San Francisco Examiner · Newspapers.com

There is no reason to make of Tell Ajjul more than it really is; the hastily chosen last stronghold of a fleeing regime [the Hyksos from Egypt]: the wealth excavated at the site may simply indicate that the last king (Khamudi) holed up there ... The precise connexion of Sharuhen with the Hyksos royal house remains unknown. The site itself (Tell Ajjul: seven kilometres south of Gaza on the coast) is ideally located at the mouth of the Wady Ghazzeh where it can intercept trade and communications along the Via Maris and through the Negev [Desert]; not surprisingly during the Hyksos period it was one of the richest towns in Palestine. It clearly controlled the western Negev and the southern coastal plain; but whether as an appendage of the 15th Dynasty is at present unknown ...

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