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Other Archaeological Sites / The Neolithic of the Levant (500 Page Book Online)

American Journal of Archaeology
Volume 102 - July 1998 (Page 624)
Library of Congress # CC 1 A6

Aswad et Ghoraife: Sites Neolithiques en Damscene Syria ...

Pre-History and Archaeology Glossary

Excerpts and Definitions and Addendums:

Aswad and Ghoraife are two large Aceramic Neolithic (Pre-Pottery Neolithic) tells (mounds) strategically located in the Damascus Basin which provide a physical connection between the southern and northern Levant. The size of both sites are each some five hectares in extent.

Aswad is of particular significance in that it is the only site in the south central Levant that displays continuity from the PPNA to PPNB - while Ghoraife can be assigned to later in the PPNB sequence.

The material culture as a whole - and particularly the stylistic traits of the lithic assemblages - indicate that both Aswad and Ghoraife fit more comfortably within the south Levantine PPNA and PPNB regional spheres than in that of the Euphrates tradition ...

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