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Neolithic Ghoraife

Selected Excerpts on Ghoraife

The Neolithic of the Levant
A.M.T. Moore -- Oxford University
Neolithic 2: Pages 198 - 203

JOURNAL Article (Book Review)
American Journal of Archaeology
July 1998 -- V 102 -- Page 624
Library of Congress # CC1 A6

Ghoraife -- like Tell Aswad -- is situated on the floor of the Damascus basin about 22 kilometres east of Damascus. It is now 8 kilometres west of the present Ataibe Lake but would have been much nearer the shore at the time it was occupied. A small sounding 2 metres square excavated here in 1974 showed that there was 7.5 metres of deposit on the site. There was no indication within the sounding of mud-brick or stone buildings but there were pieces of clay incorporating impressions of reeds which were presumably the remains of mud and reed huts of the kind thought to have been used at Tell Aswad ...

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