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Barqa al Hatiya

Updated August 24th 2019

New Insights into the Iron Age Archaeology of Edom in Southern Jordan
by Erez Ben-Yosef -- Thomas Levy -- Mohammad Najjar (2014)

Barqa al-Hatiya is a small Early Bronze Age and Iron Age smelting site located approximately 5 km south of Wadi Fidan. Of the four houses at the site three date to the Early Bronze Age while the last has been dated as Iron Age I (Adams 2003; Fritz 1994; Hauptmann 2007:142). A radiocarbon date for this building however places the occupation in the ninth century BCE (Ben-Yosef 2010; Levy et al 1999). It is possible that the mines in Umm ez-Zuhur also provided the ore for Barga el-Hetiye in addition to the smelting sites in Wadi Fidan (Hauptmann 2007:142).

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