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Ancient Guti (Quti)

According to written Sumerian and Akkadian texts the Guti are ...

Not classed among people -- not reckoned as part of the land -- Gutian people who know no inhibitions.
With human instinct but canine intelligence and monkey's features ...

Very little is known about the Guti, who appear to have been barbarian raiders from the Zagros [Mountains] who brought to an end the Dynasty of Akkad and destroyed its capital circa 2200 BC. Gutium, a mountainous area in south-west Iran, was a troublesome part of the Akkadian Empire and the year names of the kings of Akkad record campaigns against the region.

The King List records twenty or twenty-one Gutian kings ruling Sumer and Akkad, totalling 125 years, although it is uncertain whether at the time of the invasion they had a king or were still barbarian hordes. The Guti left very few traces of their rule except for a few monuments and dedications inscribed with their names.

They adopted Mesopotamian Culture and traditions and Akkadian personal names. It is likely that there rule of the area or conglomerate of city-states formerly controlled by the Akkadians was only partial and that other city-states or local kings ruled at the same time.

The Guti were finally expelled by Uthegal, King of Uruk circa 2100 BC. Uthegal marched out of Uruk and fought the Guti, led by a king called Tirigan who had been on the throne for only forty days, at a place called Ennigi. Tirigan was defeated and fled but was captured and returned to Uthegal ...

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