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Ancient Hawara

The ancient site of Hawara is situated at the entrance to the Faiyyum oasis. Hawara is dominated by the pyramid of Amenemhat III of the Middle Kingdom XIIth Dynasty. South of the pyramid some remains are visible of the Labyrinth or funerary temple of the pyramid complex which was mentioned by several Greek and Roman authors as one of the most imposing buildings of Ancient Egypt.

Pottery From Hawara (University College London) The first systematic excavations at the site were conducted in 1843 by Karl Lepsius. North of the pyramid a huge cemetery is situated. Here Flinders Petrie found 146 portraits on coffins dating to the Roman Period ...

Portraits From Hawara (1889) ..... A Plate From Kahun - Gurob - Hawara by W. M. Flinders Petrie (University of Chicago Electronic Open Stacks)

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