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Neolithic Qalat Jarmo

Iraqi Kurdistan Near Chemchemal

Aerial View of Qalat Jarmo

Original Article: Jarmo: A Village of Early Farmers
Robert Braidwood in Antiquity Volume 24:189 (1950)
Library of Congress # CC 1 A7

Excavations at Jarmo

Iraq’s most important Neolithic site and the earliest agricultural community in West Asia. The inhabitants of Jarmo lived in square multi-roomed houses build of pressed mud with mud-ovens and baked-in clay basins sunk in the ground. They ate with bone spoons -- sewed with bone needles and their stone spindle-whorls show that they could weave or plait flax and perhaps wool.

Pre-ceramic Jarmo was first dated by radiocarbon tests on snail shells at about 4750 BC but further tests on charcoal gave higher figure and circa 6750 BC is a more likely date...

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