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Qatna (Tell Mishrifeh) [Katna]

An impressive fortified city east of Homs in Syria. Excavation has found evidence of 3rd millennium BC occupation but the fortifications, consisting of a free-standing plaster-faced glacis (bank), belong to the Middle Bronze Age of the early 2nd millennium BC and were probably constructed by the Hyksos. The fortifications of this period enclosed more than 100 hectares ..... (AHSFC).

German archaeologists have rediscovered a Middle Bronze Age royal palace during excavations in Syria. The palace had been partially unearthed by French researchers between 1927 and 1931. However, it was completely buried again subsequently, to the extent that even its exact location was no longer known. Its latest discoverers happened upon the remains of the palace roughly 200 kilometers to the North of Damascus in a hill of ruins known as Tell Mishrifeh, where an excavation is underway in search of the ruined ancient Syrian city of Qatna. Qatna reached its peak as a hub of ancient Syrian activity between 1900 and 1600 BC. At that time, the city had far-reaching trade relations, wealth and political power ...

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