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Ancient Sippar (Abu Habbah)

Sippar : Walther Umstätter (Humboldt-University Berlin)

One of the most northerly of the cities of Sumer situated near the Euphrates River north of Babylon in Iraq. The city was occupied from the Early Dynastic Period and appears to have been an important religious and trading centre. Among the most important finds are thousands of clay tablets dating to the Old Babylonian and Neo-Babylonian Periods. The great religious enclosure dedicated to Shamash was originally founded by Sargon of Akkad but little is known about this phase as it is obscured by the buildings of later periods. The Neo-Babylonian Period saw much reconstruction and new building in the late 7th century BC. Nabopolassar not only rebuilt the temple of Shamash but dug a canal linkng the city to the Euphrates ... (AHSFC)

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